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Wind Generator Plans and Electricity Generated from the Wind. How Does it Actually Work?

A lot of folks are beginning to become more aware of the problems with the environment and are looking for ways to save money, and help our planet at the same time.

More and more people are starting to set up their own wind energy devices at home in order to do their part to help the environment, and keep more of their hard earned money in their pocket. For those of you who cannot justify a huge upfront expense to bring renewable energy into your homes energy grid,  you should know that there are various tax credits and incentives available to help you offset the initial costs.. Sometimes by as much as 50%!

Here are a few of the most common questions we get on how producing energy from the wind actually works.

Q- So. How is electricity generated from the wind?

A-  A tail fin orients the windmill blades to face the wind. Much like the wind vane you see that shows you which way the wind is blowing.

The wind blows against the windmills blades. These blades are designed to catch the wind in such a way that a positive pressure is created on one side of each blade and a negative on the other, much like an airplane wing. This coordinated pressure causes the blades to spin.

The spinning blades are attached to rotor that is connected to a permanent magnet style of DC (direct current) generator. The connection with the rotor is set up to spin the generator which produces electricity.

This electricity is then passed along through wiring into your homes energy grid.

Q- What happens to this generated electricity if you don’t use it immediately.

A- The short answer is that it is gone forever. Unless you store it for later use..

Q- So, how do you save the electricity so it is not wasted?

A- Batteries To The Rescue.

Deep cycle batteries, similar to those found in electric golf carts or forklifts, are often used to store this wind generated power for later use. The number of batteries needed and how they are wired together is dependent on several factors; how much power the wind generator produces and how much you will need to have on demand for your particular needs.

The exact plans for setting up the battery array is not really that complicated at all, but you should have a guide to follow to be sure you get it right.

Another question we get all the time is this;

Q- Is the direct current which is stored in the batteries capable of running typical household appliances?

A- The short answer here is yes. But only after you have installed an inverter, which is a device that converts the DC power to usable AC power.

This covers, in a somewhat oversimplified manner, the basics of how wind generated electricity actually works. There are also other components that are typically part of a windmill system.

Wind Energy Buyers Guide From Northern Tool


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