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RV Solar Kits and Solar Camping Accessories.

The phrase “getting away from it all” usually means taking your RV, or tent somewhere outside the confines of the city and enjoying some peaceful time to yourself.  The only problem is that for those of us who enjoy our little conveniences, it means that you have to be plugged in or be able to run off a battery for an indefinite amount of time.  If you have to plug in, that usually means either being in a campground among many other people, or running a generator which can be noisy and disturb the tranquility of your surroundings.

Another option for camping off the grid, (also known as dry camping) is to use some type of RV Solar Kit which is designed to keep your batteries charged; that way you can truly camp in areas where electricity is not available, and still have the power you need to have some of those little conveniences available to you.

Setting up a basic solar system for your RV is really not that difficult. Most RV solar kits include everything you need to wire a solar panel into your electrical system. You can set up a simple system just to keep a single battery charged, or opt for a more elaborate system which is designed to produce enough power to run a furnace. If you do not want to attach anything permanent to your RV you can purchase a portable solar power setup which is easy to stow in your RV.

Having the power of the Sun at your disposal means you can really escape the crowds at the campgrounds and enjoy the peace and solitude of nature, while still having those electrical powered conveniences available to you.

Sunforce Solar Kit – 300 Watts



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