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Geothermal Energy – Tap into the natural heating and cooling properties of the earth.

Geothermal heat pumps circulate water or refrigerant through an underground network of pipes and through heat pumps located inside the dwelling. Geothermal heat pumps are similar to the heat pumps you might be familiar with, they only difference really is the use of the ground instead of outside air to provide heating and cooling. The way a geothermal heat pump works is by moving the heat from the earth into your house in the winter, and by removing the heat from your home and discharging it into the ground in the summertime.
Since geothermal heat pumps use renewable energy that is in the ground, these types of heat pumps are among the most efficient technologies available today for heating and cooling your residence. Although the initial investment in a geothermal heat pump will be more, they can indeed lower your energy bills by 30 to 40 percent. Also, geothermal heat pumps are very simple in design mechanically and since most of the system is below the ground, maintenance costs can be virtually nil.

Geothermal heat pumps are becoming more popular because of their durability, and the fact they are efficient, environmentally safe, and clean. Geothermal heat pumps not only will substantially lower your heating and cooling bills, but will also require minimal maintenance.

In summation, geothermal heat pump systems are not only environmentally friendly but will also greatly reduce the average homeowner’s utility bills.

Once you install your geothermal system, in most cases, you will start seeing savings immediately. Energy savings can range from 30% to 60% annually compared to conventional heating & cooling systems and depending on the state you live, there are incentives available from federal and state governments and some utility providers which can further reduce your overall system costs. By eliminating the high contractor installation costs and utilizing some of the rebates available, your geothermal system should pay for itself in less than five years. With today’s rising energy costs the investment you make today will pay dividends long into the future.

There is now a 30% government tax credit for homeowners that install geothermal heat pumps with no maximum limit!!!!  Find available rebates for your state or territory HERE.

Save a lot of money by doing it yourself.. There are some good quality geothermal DIY kits at our partner site Ingrams Water and Air.  Geothermal is one of the most efficient means of heating and cooling your home with the natural heating and cooling properties of the earth.  The investments pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time, and are low maintenance.

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